SBA Creator

The SBA Creator is a software that allows the easy creation of SBA system projects. It comes with access to the SBA library repository and SBA forums. With SBA creator, the VHDL designer can access a special SBA controller editor, many IP cores, and tools. Teachers can customize the SBA creator to use his own repository and themes.

Link to download: Setup SBACreator latest release

How to install in Windows:

Download and save the setup program from this page, the SmartScreen filter in Windows could alert you that the file can be dangerous, don't worry, the file is safe. Execute the downloaded program and follow the instructions on the screen.

How to install on Linux:

Download and save the compressed tar folder from this page. De-compress the tar file in your home folder, review the file permissions for the executable files

To use the obfuscate plugin then install java (for Ubuntu you can install java by writing in the terminal: sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre).

To install SBA Creator on Raspberry Pi, use the "gtk2_ARM" version.

To create SBA projects, use the New Project button and follow the instructions of the project wizard.

The main SBA Creator program check for updates automatically but, the support VHDL files and libraries are not checked. If you want, you can verify for updates of the SBA base files and IP cores libraries using SBA Library button.

If you have a question regarding SBA creator, please goto to the SBA forum.